CNNQT Foundation

We have a mission. A mission to close the gap between education and the labor market and to make young talent accessible to all organizations.

CNNQT Foundation stimulates and realizes a good connection between education and the labor market.

We do this by making an impact with powerful concepts and projects that contribute to closing the gap. Activities in which students come into contact with the business world, learn from it, gain experience and / or be inspired.


Projects for and with education to increase the practical orientation of the programs and governments to strengthen the economic climate.


And of course cooperation with companies themselves, to build new relationships that lead to new insights and new employees.


New generation, new skills, new mindset!

Our cooperation partners:

Alumni netwerken

Door I-inspire: het opzetten en activeren en het coaching en begeleiding van alumni netwerken.

Hogeschool Rotterdam




Proteus Eretes


Direct contact with CNNQT?  015 8875 550 or contact us via WhatsApp.