What and How

CNNQT - To Improve People and Business

We are on a mission

We have a mission. A mission to bridge the gap between education and the labor market and make young talent accessible to all organisations. Give students more practical experience and work on personal (skills) development. And to bring organisations in contact with students and young talent at an early stage. So that all organisations – from large to small – get the chance to get in touch with students and starters.

For who?

We are not looking for administrative workers or call center staff, but for students who are serious about their study and are motivated to work on their personal development.


We let go of the rhythm of education, and look for a dynamic interpretation of study-free days, bridging a study or vacation period.


We are there for national and international students. And for both the innovative techies and the commercial heroes. For large and small organisations. And everything in between.

Why are we different?

Experience and motivation are the traditional elements of selecting and matching. The crucial aspect, however, is on a different level, namely the mindset and the drive to want to innovate, improve and accelerate.

With the student, but certainly also with the organisations (SME’s, Corporates, Governments, NGO’s and Start-ups)!

A good match asks eagerness of students to learn and above all want to experience. And a piece of social responsibility from organisations to provide space, confidence and opportunities. Organisations that are willing to invest in the starters of the future and directly in return come to new insights and inspiration.


It's about passion

What we are trying to say is that someone’s qualities are not necessarily someone’s passion. And that not yet developed competencies can not, not be developed. A history student who likes to program in his free time can become a super good developer.


It’s about the drive, the passion, the fire. Because without any fire no competence is fueled.

Why we do it

Because – despite all efforts – the connection between education and the labor market is not yet optimal, and companies simply stand up for students and motivated young professionals.

We believe that organisations and up-coming talent desperately need each other.


A. To give the starters of the future space and the opportunity to get to know and develop themselves. So they are ready to go further after their study. And can meet the market needs, namely the requirement for a starter with 2 years of work experience together with well-developed skills.


And B, to give organisations a boost with knowledge about new technologies, (social) media and just a fresh look. And giving them the opportunity to get in touch with the new generation and build a lasting relationship with them.

Life long

In addition to the short-term match, work is being done on the CNNQT ecosystem. In our ecosystem a new dynamic is created between organisations and students. Students and organisations review each other. They are each other’s reference and ambassador. This creates a pool of validated students and organisations. The new way of recruiting and selecting young talent!



Are you curious?

Are you curious? Do you want to understand why you learn what you learn?
And especially experience how working life is and what fits your competencies and interests?

Let us know!


We connect you to super nice side jobs and assignments. Working on personal development and experience.

A boost for your resume so that you can distinguish yourself and increase your career opportunities!


Do you want to give your organisation a boost?

Do you want to give your organisation a boost with knowledge about new technologies, (social) media or just a fresh look? Would you also like to get in touch with the new generation and build a long-term relationship with them?


Let us know!


Not actively looking? Let us surprise you!
Even if you are not immediately looking for a work student or have an assignment, let yourself be surprised! We have students with diverse backgrounds and competencies who are eager to work for you. The new generation gives inspiring fresh looks and brings young dynamics with it. And above all, you successfully invest in your employer branding and future recruitment of new employees.


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